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Course Policies

My aim for this semester is to provide a flexible and supportive learning environment while respecting the boundaries of myself and your TAs. These course policies are intended to establish a framework for navigating the course.

Table of contents
  1. Feedback & Deadlines
  2. Accommodations
  3. Academic Integrity:
  4. Strategies for Success

Feedback & Deadlines

Module quizzes will be marked by your TA using a standard rubric. Short comments will be provided where applicable on written answers & map submissions. Submissions will be accepted without late penalty for seven days after their due date.

  • Quizzes submitted by the due date will be graded and returned within seven days of the due date.
    • If you want further feedback ask your TA in lab or by email.
  • Late submissions waive their right to prompt grading/feedback.
    • Late quiz submissions will not receive written feedback and will be marked whenever is convenient for your TA, which could be as late as the end of term
    • After the seven day grace period, the quiz submission window will close, no exceptions.
      • Do not request an extension from your TA
      • If extenuating circumstances necessitate an accommodation, contact June
  • The seven day grace period does not apply to the final exam or final projects.
    • Late projects will be loose 25 pts per day
    • The exam will only be available during the exam window.


I will make accommodations on a case by case basis for extenuating circumstances that prevent you completing course work. It is your responsibility to communicate your needs in a timely fashion (i.e. before a due date).

  • If you require an accommodation please contact June by email:
  • My typical approach is to give an alternative assignment rather than giving extensions on labs because we post the answers after submission deadlines:
    • i.e. An alternative lab might consist of writing up an essay or two pertaining to the lecture material + making any maps/figures from the lab, then submitting directly to me by email anytime before the last day of class. If you would prefer this option instead just let me know.

Please contact the Center for Accessibility if you require accommodations for a disability. Once you are registered please make me aware of any necessary accommodations by email in a timely manner.


If you are sick (with COVID or otherwise), please stay home to protect others and take care of yourself. Lectures are streamed on zoom so that you may attend online. If you have to miss a lab session, you can attend an alternate session, just make sure to contact the TA running that session beforehand.

Academic Concessions

If you require an Academic Concession please email me promptly so that we can work together to figure out an accommodation for your situation. You are not obligated to explain your personal circumstances to me to justify the concession, my inent is to be accomodating. However, you must to communicate any need for a concession in a timely manner. If you require multiple concessions I may refer you to Arts Advising.

Academic Integrity:

The academic enterprise is founded on honesty, civility, and integrity. As members of this enterprise, all students are expected to know, understand, and follow the codes of conduct regarding academic integrity. At the most basic level, this means submitting only original work done by you and acknowledging all sources of information or ideas and attributing them to others as required. This also means you should not cheat, copy, or mislead others about what is your work. Violations of academic integrity (i.e., misconduct) lead to the breakdown of the academic enterprise, and therefore serious consequences arise and harsh sanctions are imposed.

Plagiarism and cheating will be taken very seriously. The first incident of plagiarism/copying/cheating will result in a zero for the assignment. Further incidents will be reported to the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline in addition to a zero. A more detailed description of academic integrity, including the University’s policies and procedures, may be found here

Though you may work together with your classmates on the assignments and help each other, ALL STUDENTS MUST SUBMIT THEIR OWN ORIGINAL WORK. This means that your maps must be your own, and your answers must be in your own words. Failure to submit your own work can result in failing the assignment or worse, so please be careful. See the Academic Integrity section of the Syllabus for more information.

Strategies for Success

Be proactive!

  • Keep track of deadlines & note the late submission policies
    • Timely communication is important! If you have an issue, please bring it to my attention.
    • Partial credit is better than no credit. If you can’t finish a lab before the deadline - just submit what you’ve got done already.
  • Drop by office hours & ask questions!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to set up ArcGIS Pro, do it now to save yourself a headache down the road.